Winners of Parol Making Contest


The parol made by MENRO and LCR department overwhelmed all other 14 other parols made by different departments in the lights category. The MENRO/LCR parol bag the best lights among other parols who made it exempted to the overall contest.

The winner of over all contest went to the entry of the champion last year on christmas tree making - accounting department followed by the entry of Agriculture department on second place. Third place went to the parol made from broom sticks by MSWDO department.

The contest was launched last December 7, 2010 and required entries to meet specifications agreed by departments head. Parol must be made of indigenous materials, more or less 48 inches in diameter, must be well lighted and can be displayed outdoors.

Members of the board of judges were Rev. Fr. Bong Estrimera, Ms. Carmela Balcazar of Villa Escudero and Ms. Digna Monteron.

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