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Office of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development



A society where the poor vulnerable and disadvantage families, communities are empowered for an improved quality of life.


To provide intervention/opportunities that will uplift the living condition of the distressed, disadvantaged individual, families, groups and communities to enable them to become self-reliant and actively participate in National Development.



The Social Welfare and Development Office is mandated to care, protect and rehabilitate the segment of our population who has least in life in order for them to cope into normal social functioning.

The Office of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development shall enable its constituents and partners in social welfare development, to empower the needy, disadvantaged and marginalized sector to insure a self-reliant, self-sufficient and progressive community.

Specific Objectives:

  • To provide an integrated welfare package to its constituents on the basis of their needs.
  • To formulate, develop and implement plans, programs and projects in the field of social development with NGOs.
  • To have a network with government and non-government agencies to assist in the upliftment of the living conditions of people belonging to the poverty threshold.

The following are the packages of Social Service:

  • SELF-EMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (SEAP) is the provision of capital assistance (tulong puhunan) or additional capital to individuals or groups who are engaged in small-scale businesses. The amount of one thousand to three thousand pesos is given to clients who have attended the basic business management seminar. Said amount is payable weekly for the period of six months and it can be renewed two times if the grantee regularly pays the amount borrowed. It is given with no interest.
  • PRACTICAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT (PSD) is the provision of skills training to groups of women, youth and disabled for their future open or self-employment.
  • DAY CARE SERVICE PROGRAM (DCS) is the provision of temporary custodial care to children from 3 to 5 years old. Said children are gathered in the Day Care Center of their respective barangays by the Day Care Worker to provide socialization, value inculcation and prepare the children for formal education. Balayan has 53 day care centers.
  • SUPPLEMENTAL FEEDING is the provision of supplemental feeds to 2nd and 3rd degree malnourished children. Said children will be fed in the identified feeding center in the barangay under the supervision of the Barangay Nutrition Scholars with the participation of the mothers. BNS conducts monthly weighing to evaluate the nutritional status of the children. This office sponsored the feeding of malnourished children aged 1-5 years old from different barangays lin celebration of the Nutrition Month.
  • EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE (EA) program has two categories:

1. AID TO INDIVIDUAL IN CRISIS SITUATION (AICS) is the provision of cash assistance to individuals who are in crisis situation and has difficulty in meeting such needs like medical, funeral and others.
2. EMERGENCY SHELTER ASSISTANCE (ESA) is the aid given to individuals or families who are victims of calamities such as fire, typhoon and others.
a. PRE-MARRIAGE COUNSELLING (PMC) is the provision of counseling and lectures on responsible parenthood to couples that are going to be married.
b. REFERRAL- is the network with different government and non-government institutions in order to assist individuals or families avail of other services.
c. PERSONS WITH DISABILITY is the provision of assistance to persons with disability.
d. CHILD LABOR PROGRAM is an intervention for in and out of school youth.


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