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Human Resource Management Office



Professionalizing all personnel within the organization is our vision in the Human Resource Development Office to make them pro-active personnel who are continuously looking for ways and means to improve the quality of public service.


Human Resource Development Office (HRDO), as practitioners, is commissioned to develop and implement a plan of action that responds to the strategic ways of managing the human resources to attain organizational goals. There is a need to overemphasize the value of hiring, selection process, maintaining and promoting the right people critical to the growth and development of the organization.

As agents of change, HRD Office must steadily moves towards making a difference. It is our assigned task to spearhead and lead the organization into identifying its strength and capabilities particularly on human resources, with the end goal of realizing organizational changes.



The Human Resource Development Office (HRDO) shall be responsible for human resource development in the Local Government Unit of Kalayaan and shall take all personnel actions in accordance with the constitutional provisions on civil service, pertinent laws, rules and regulations. It performs professional work in personnel administration and in the management of human resources towards achieving a working/responsive personnel system. Prepares or supervises the preparation of actions on appointment, reinstatements, leaves, transfers, resignations, retirements, separations, insurance claims, salary adjustments, position classification and/or reclassification, performance ratings, fringe benefits and other personnel benefits and services.