Written by Ruby Ann Dimaano


Municipal Health Office


RHU – Rural Health Unit

The rural health unit is the municipal arm of the government for its health impact programs in the community. It reaches out to the basic family structure to deliver the services and knowledge on the prevention, cure and maintenance concerning such programs. The RHU servers as the channel of health activities of the government to the individual members of the society.

Also, it is the road link in gathering information and ideas that are vital in outlining municipal development plans and programs. With the assistance of some volunteers and non-government organizations, it utilizes all effort to be technically responsive to the needs of the community and to attain the main objective of the local health department .



All people living in Kalayaan will have a better quality of life having access to comprehensive health services



It is our mission to deliver promotive preventive, curative, rehabilitative, qualitative health services in an accessible, available, efficient, effective and sustainable manner with adequate support by multi-sectoral collaboration.



Health services

1.Outpatient Consultation Service

2.Pre-natal and Post natal Care

3.Attending Normal Spontaneous Delivery


5.Minor Surgery(Suturing of minor lacerations,removal of sutures,removal of foreign bodies,care of simple wounds,circumcision)

6.Availment of Family Planning Method for Current User(Injectables,Pills,NFP)

7.Availment of Family Planning Method for New Acceptor(Injectables,Pills,NFP)

8.TB Program for Adult

9.Nutrition Services;Giving of Vitamin A capsule and deworming tablet/weighing

10.Medico-Legal services/Autopsy

11.Securing Sanitary permit/Medical certificate for Business/Death certificate/Burial and Transfer permit

12.Safe water supply Disinfection of water sources,water testing

13.Dental Services

14.Pre-marriage Counseling