Written by Ellen Lirio


Assessor's Office


The Municipal Assessor’s Office is in charge in the discovery, classification, appraisal, assessment and valuation of real properties which shall be used as the basis for taxation. We discharge our functions based on the policies and procedures embodied in RA 7160 otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991, Manual on Real Property Appraisal and Assessment Operations issued by the Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) Memos from the Provincial assessor and the Municipal Revenue Code.

Our task is not limited only on appraisal and assessment of real properties. We also educate our constituents on the merits of a rational and responsive property appraisal and assessment system through meetings in barangays and information campaign in public schools for them to know the importance of the revenues derived from real property tax.

This strategy will not only improve camaraderie between and among local government officers but will open all channels of communication for all local residents especially the taxpayers. Thus, coordination and cooperation of all people is further achieved.

Real property tax contributes to the development of our municipality. The taxes collected are classified into two categories, namely, the Basic and the Special Education Fund (SEF) and are divided equitably, as follows:






The Municipal Assessor’s Office of Kalayaan, giving the best service to the public, ensuring a proper, effective and efficient administration of real property taxes with the end in view that the real property taxes shall at all times be just, uniform and equitable.



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